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Writing by the Water

About Me

Who is this 'Wendy Christopher' woman, anyway?

I was writing even before I could write. (Seriously, when I was two my parents redecorated my bedroom with crisp, new white wallpaper, left me alone in there for just five minutes... and I found a black biro. I was highly impressed with my rows of wavy scribbles across those previously-pristine walls... my parents, not so much.)

Fast-forward a few decades, and over that time I've written the lyrics for two full-length musicals (both performed in Washington, USA,) many parody lyrics (vieweable on the site,) and even had a few short pieces published in anthologies and collaborative writing projects. Now I've turned my attention to novel writing, and what a journey it's turning out to be. It's true -- the best way to learn how to write a novel is to... actually try and write one.

I don't claim to be an expert. I'm just a padawan, learning as I go (and getting eyerolled for making my own swooshy noises for my lightsaber when I get over-enthusiastic.) Come join me on my pilgrimage!

ABOUT ME: About Me
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