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This Is What I Do

Curious about what I write? Want to know if it's the sort of thing you'd like to read? Well, the least I can do is offer some free samples then, so you know what you'd be getting into. Hope you enjoy!

Heart Confetti

Customer Satisfaction

This is a Flash Fiction inspired by Chuck Wendig's Flash Fiction Challenge for 14th February (Valentine's Day, fact fiends. ;) )

The theme: Twisted Love. The word count: 1500 max. A more suburban form of 'twisted,' perhaps, but hopefully it does the job...

Oh, and I should probably put in a heads-up - since it IS on the subject of 'twisted love'... not exactly one for your churchgoing mums to read...


Always Something There To Remind Me

This Flash Fiction was inspired by Chuck Wendig's weekly Flash Fiction Challenge (full details here.) He gave a choice of twenty-one stock photos that 'no-one will ever use,' so we could - erm, use one as the basis of a 1,000-word max flash fiction. This is the photo I chose.

Beef Steak

A Dish Served Cold

Okay - when you get a 1,000-word Flash Fiction challenge where your story has to open with a dead body... well, you already know the result aint exactly gonna be fluffy kittens and rainbows. I don't know what weird corner of my brain this came from, okay? But here it is. I'm not sure if 'enjoy' is the right term here, but - oh well, I did what I did...

Taking Notes

Writer's Block

This short story was originally published as part of an anthology of the works of several writers and artists in the Medway towns: 'NEW ART FROM NORTH KENT' (Urban Fox Press, 2004.) I've since tweaked and polished it up a bit (because that's the kind of thing you can do as time goes by and you learn more stuff about writing.)

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